About Us

Bhagirathi Patel Public School

The Bhagirathi Patel Public School aspires to be tremendous. We must simply settle students for the existence of goals, success, and charity of spirit. As an affiliated K-12 learning society, Bhagirathi Patel Public School proposes many fascinating benefits Few miles away from the rich resources of the town. Our qualified professionals are specialists in their professions with an intense commitment to student success; they get to know about every pupil, delivering the challenge, assistance, and motive that fosters understanding and emotional growth. Our difficult strategy of inspection and research empowers learners to practice their academic curiosity, expand their awareness, and improve critical skills for forthcoming success. And our priority on identity and values challenges each scholar to be a person of honesty, a participating member of our school community, and a helpful and involved inhabitant of the world.

I motivate you to analyze our website to learn additional about all that The Bhagirathi Patel Public School possesses to offer. I furthermore invite you to attend us in person; please reach our Admission Office to schedule your campus tour. We urge you to see you shortly.


Our Experienced Teachers

Walter White

Chief Executive Officer

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Sarah Jhonson

Product Manager

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William Anderson


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Amanda Jepson


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